Thursday 28.01.21

14:50-15:00 CET

5:50-6:00 PST

Welcome and opening remarks

15:00-16:00 CET

6:00-7:00 PST

Invited speaker: Nicoletta Biondo (University of Siena)

Temporal adverbs and their interaction with tense during sentence comprehension: new experimental evidence [abstract]

16:00-16:20 CET

7:00-7:20 PST


16:20-17:00 CET

7:20-8:00 PST

Gregory Scontras, Zeinab Kachakeche, Autin Nguyen, Cesar Rosales, Suttera Samonte, Einat Shetreet, Yuxin Shi, Elli Tourtouri and Nitzan Trainin

Cross-linguistic evidence for subjectivity-based adjective ordering preferences [abstract]

17:00-17:40 CET

8:00-8:40 PST

Roberto Zamparelli, Nicola Sartorato, Eleonora Gualdoni and Greta Gandolfi

Adjective Ordering: a Compositional Distributional Semantics Approach [abstract]

17:40-18:00 CET

8:40-9:00 PST


18:00-18:40 CET

9:00-9:40 PST

Stephanie Solt and E. Cameron Wilson

M-modifiers and varieties of degree modification [abstract]

18:40-19:40 CET

9:40-10:40 PST


19:40-20:20 CET

10:40-11:20 PST

Alicia Katharina Börner, Jutta Pieper and Tibor Kiss

The syntactic behaviour of event-external adverbial PPs in German [abstract]

20:20-21:00 CET

11:20-12:00 PST

Benjamin Bruening and Amanda Payne

Prosodic Constraints on Adverb Placement [abstract]

Friday 29.01.21

15:00-15:40 CET

6:00-6:40 PST

Fabian Bross and Katherine Fraser

Contrastive focus reduplication and the modification puzzle [abstract]

15:40-16:20 CET

6:40-7:20 PST

E. Cameron Wilson

Gradable adjectives and direct modification [abstract]

16:20-16:40 CET

7:20-7:40 PST


16:40-17:20 CET

7:40-8:20 PST

Richard Futrell, William Dyer and Gregory Scontras

Comparing efficiency-based theories of adjective order in dependency treebanks [abstract]

17:20-18:00 CET


Cas Coopmans and Gert-Jan Schoenmakers

Argument and adjunct attachment in head-final constructions of Dutch [abstract]

18:00-18:20 CET

9:00-9:20 PST


18:20-19:20 CET

9:20-10:20 PST

Invited speaker: Sebastian Bücking (University of Siegen)

On the composition of modifying locative clauses [abstract]

19:20-20:00 CET

10:20-11:00 PST


20:00 -21:00 CET

11:00-12:00 PST

Virtual Meet & Greet

Saturday 30.01.21

16:00-17:00 CET

7:00-8:00 PST

Invited speaker: Michael Hahn (Stanford University)

An information-theoretic explanation of adjective ordering preferences [abstract]

17:00-17:20 CET

8:00-8:20 PST


17:20-18:00 CET

8:20-9:00 PST

Vinicius Macuch Silva, Ffion Roberts and Hannah Rohde

Do truth-endorsing adjectives act as cues to non-literality in the processing of modified metaphors? A psycholinguistic investigation of English ‘actual’, ‘literal’, and ‘real’ [abstract]

18:00-18:40 CET

9:00-9:40 PST

Wilhelm Geuder and Curt Anderson

What is manner modification? [abstract]

18:40-19:00 CET

9:40-10:00 PST


19:00-20:00 CET

10:00-11:00 PST

Invited speaker: Claudia Maienborn (University of Tübingen)

Beautiful dancer, just king and trained nurse: A compositional approach to non-intersective readings of adnominal modifiers [abstract]